G.M.A.D. CPR -
Family & Friends CPR
Don’t wait until it’s too late!
Need help raising money for your club? Want to get up to 50% profit while saving a life?
Here is how by having a family & friends CPR class. You can help people learn the concept of knowing CPR and the skills to save a life.
How can you earn money?Your club will charge $20.00 per person and will receive $10.00 from each person in the class. Each class needs to have a minimum of 10 participants.  So your guaranteed a $100.00 or more. There is no cost for your club.
What you need to do prior to the fund raiser:
  1. Ask permission from your sponsors.        
  2.  Pick a date and time.·        
  3.  Make sure you have a space to host the class.        
  4. Contact GMAD CPR at 817-453-8130     
  5. Have your members make flyer's, announcements, ask your neighbors and friends.·       
  6.   At least 4 days prior to the course contact us and tell us how many people you have for the class.
INFO about the class:      
  • Family & Friends CPR is a classroom-based course that can be taught by an Instructor. This course is video-led and includes skills practice throughout.        
  • Adult CPR/AED/Choking: about 25 minutes
  • Child CPR/AED/Choking: about 35 minutes 
  • Infant CPR/Choking: about 30 minutes
  •  The class is 1 ½ hours.        
  • This course does not provide a course completion card; however, students receive a tear-out participation card in their student manual for only $2.00 dollars each.
What we do for you:
  • We provide the materials needed for the class.
  • We send a knowledgeable instructor to teach the class.
  • We will give you support every step of the way.
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